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Winter wide leg pants with what shoes with several stylish and was high
High heels + wide leg pants

Feminine high heels, with the most wild winter pants - wide leg pants, whether it is out to the streets or attend formal occasions are very suitable. Wide-leg pants to wear casual and comfortable, and modern sense of full, high heels for every woman must have a most feminine single product, used to match the wide leg pants will make you look different kind of charm.

Boots + wide-leg pants

Booties are also a must for every woman in the winter, as a single product, because only need this pair of boots, you can get all the winter with the match, because it is too good ride, too cool! Used to match the wide leg pants, simple Neat and Fan, walking will become superb. In the case of cold weather, Xiaobian suggest that you take a fall pants or leggings, both warm and elegant!

Wide-leg pants + flat shoes

Regular shopping MM, flat shoes is a beach wedding dress good choice, but fit it stylish length is best seven nine minutes, if it is wide leg trousers, short leg MM or do not try, you may reduce your Yan value, so Xiao Bian recommended wide leg trousers with flat shoes recommended to wear long legs MM!

Sneakers + wide purple wedding dress leg pants

nike shoes men This year's sports wind is still hot, wide leg pants and sports shoes is still the hottest match, both are both wild and comfortable existence. The youthful little white shoes is probably the best in sports shoes, with any style of wide-leg pants with upper case are stylish, in the winter is a beauty!

Peas shoes + wide leg pants

Especially this year's special popularity of this Peas shoes, fluffy inside, a look very warm; flat design, but also particularly comfortable. With the wide leg pants ride together, slightly exposing a few ankles, looks particularly thin. Both warm and stylish!