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Winter wear down jacket, with what shoes are warm and beautiful? The stars wear like this
The first one: when it comes to winter, I naturally think of down jacket + snow boots

The recent decline in the temperature powerful, a freehand cold legs out, shrinking neck, nike air max sale arched waist embarrassment, are not ready to wear snow boots? Do not worry about wearing snow boots bloated look bad, do not believe kobe shoes you see how she wear, fashion actress Wang Ou is also wearing a snow boots boom, we can see that with the match is not rustic.

The second: down jacket + knee boots were thin and significantly high

nike free run One of the most intuitive advantages of over-knee boots is the perfect cover leg type, and the legs have a good modification of the role of stretching the entire ratio, weakened down jacket more sense of expansion effect. A lot of celebrity airport street shooting is also more like this match, there is 'Airport Queen' Yang Mi, of course not to be missed.

Third: Down jacket + bare boots are durable and durable

Today's bare boots are more popular nowadays wear a single product, from the summer wear all the way to winter. As a wild is solid color bare boots, and black solid color the most popular, no matter what color what type of jacket, black boots can hold hold, out of the tide Fan.

Whether long down jacket or short paragraph down jacket, with light-colored jeans, and then with a pair of bare boots, so you wear a touch of bright colors in the winter, a beautiful landscape of the streets, let you stand out in the dull winter.

Fourth: Down + Martin boots and the tide and cool

Martin boots and general boots are not the same, the streets full of vanity, gives the feeling of cool, whether it is a long down jacket or short jacket can hold, the overall style full of personality, looks different.