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Winter jacket with a pair of warm and stylish shoes
Long coat and sneakers

Coat with a wide range of laws, you can elegant taste can also chic aura. Sneakers and coats with a deduction can be used for daily routine does not appear excessive force of the classic routines, this relaxed casual sexy, is the real senior!

Tall girls look good through the knee-length coat, if it is a small girl will learn to show the ankle was high, with sports shoes to show the vibrant young capable of working is a good choice.

Beige coat at a glance looks very warm existence, without the slightest superfluous tailoring and details of the clean version, like a beautiful sweet first love, the overall simplicity of the atmosphere and refined unique. Slim shape and spirit of the collar, the back of the splicing line appears stature is very slim.

Shoe cabinet there will always be a pair of small white shoes, clean sniff of a masquerade of the gas, like a light and clear youth memories. The overall white sports shoes, no matter what color the clothes will not be overwhelming, but they will not be easily overlooked, after the help of light green stitching eye-catching outstanding, the overall shoe is no longer monotonous.

Down and sneakers

nike sneakers Thick down jacket has always been considered a fashion killer, but it is also an essential wardrobe items, after all, in the snowy days, more than freezing down jacket more lightweight clothing is not. How do you with the general down jacket? Wear a pair of boots? Do not stereotypes ~ Sports shoes momentum so cheap nikes full this year, may wish to step on a pair of sports shoes.

Vintage sports wind popular this year, a strong sense of retro Socks shoes itself has enough nostalgia spirit, high design and add velvet inside, so that you are still warm in the winter. The whims of sports wind is the most fashionable.

Fur coat and sneakers

What is more luxurious winter coat than fur? Today we have to say is not a luxury fur with a small dress or high heels, the kind of mind nike air max women that appears luxury red lips no cheap nike shoes longer exists. To know that this year is popular fur coat with sports shoes.

Vintage velvet set off a fashion trend of the breeze, dark green velvet fabric adds a unique addicted to bee embroidery, the trend of combining traditional full of unruly street trends. Classic white shoes outsole, clear color, height increase the proportion of body thickness, with no easy burden.

Now everyone's aesthetic gradually tend to be comfortable and healthy, so it seems most practical is the most wild, the most comfortable is the most fashionable! Sneakers with almost all of your winter jacket with wear remember to note the color is perfect!