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Winter did not wear these five kinds of shoes, how elegant over the winter!
The first is snow boots.

A lot of snow boots inside will be added a layer of thick soft plush, warm baby warm intimate feet. And snow boots are wild, suitable for different clothing, lebron 14 all kinds of baby are very suitable for wearing. Many snow boots will have fringed, hair balls and other embellishment, the legs can highlight the cute young children's temperament.

The second is bare boots.

lebron james shoes Simple and comfortable and bare boots are very suitable for everyday wear, with a little rough will be more significant leg length. At the same time, with the color of the match, if the babies wearing black leggings, may wish to choose the same color and bare boots, so visually elongated leg lines.

The third is over knee nike running shoes air max 90 boots.

Over knee boots are generally two kinds of suede and leather material, suede material is more soft, suitable for legs look better baby. The leather knee boots more crisp, well modified small lines on the leg is not perfect.

The fourth is Martin boots.

Martin boots itself gives a handsome feeling, full of casual wear children's daily routine. Casual with a pair of jeans on the range of fashion children, have not tried the baby may wish to try this winter.

The fifth is sports shoes.

Sports shoes can be worn throughout the year, whether it is travel, work or gathering, are a good choice, practicality. Winter sports shoes are generally thicker than the spring and summer models, it can be said that both the beautiful and warm a.

Of course, winter shoes far more than these, Xiaobian just listed a few more common.