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Windbreaker most suitable with what shoes with? Take a look at these collocation
This season is undoubtedly the most popular windbreaker, it is both fashion and real wear, with a good, but also let you wear out a strong gas field, then today I will give the crush on how the windbreaker shoes with Fan and good ~

Windbreaker + pointed high heels

The most feminine with, of course, is the windbreaker and pointed high heels, whether it is a long section of the windbreaker or short section of the windbreaker are suitable with the pointed thin high heels with a good stretch of leg lines, was significantly higher Thin, but also reveal sexy white feet, exudes a charming feminine.

Windbreaker + board shoes

If you talk about the most comfortable and casual with that is with the shoes and shoes with Oh! Pants can be a long section of the pants or exposed ankle pants, and then with a pair of wild shoes, no matter how far away the road is not tired feet, comfortable and youth trend Fan Fan.

Camel windbreaker + black high ankle boots

Long camel windbreaker, little mouth tight pants, and then with a black high-heeled ankle boots, such a match is not very high spirit and free and easy it? According to this to match, proper fashion sense

Black windbreaker + black leather shoes

A classic checkered suit, take the black windbreaker, feet black shoes, the overall spirit of neat with gas field, there is no overbearing female president Fan children.

Windbreaker + thick shoes

nike factory outlet Want to wear out the distinctive fashion lebron james shoes Fan, that windbreaker need to match a pair of thick shoes, both to solve the height nike outlet store of the problem, but also significant special ankle, a little sexy charm

Windbreaker + boots

Windbreaker with boots longer legs and type, in the winter to keep warmer, and boots can also show handsome, cool feeling.