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When wearing long coat, with what shoes look good?
Winter, wearing a coat over the length of the knee, not to mention a high-end atmosphere on the grade thing. But do you know what to wear long coat, with what shoes look good? Do not just match your boring boots, in fact, these shoes look better!

Small white shoes

A pair of white shoes, is the influx of people essential models. Used to match the coat is no better, and there is nike trainers a lazy revealed a sense of fashion. Thick coats with white shoes, it seems not random but in fact it looks good! This little white shoes praise rate is very high, with a few centimeters higher, so that your legs look longer! The design is simple, but very stylish to wear.

canvas shoes

The role of canvas shoes can not be ignored, and even the classic models worn by everyone. With a coat, not only is the super age-reducing artifact, but also make you look more energetic.

[Flat boots]

Long coat with short boots is commonplace, but still the same classic, all black nike shoes stylish taste still diminished. This flat boots are wild, and suede texture, wear very texture. Black is also very wild color. With jeans or skirts are good ~

[High-heeled boots]

High-heeled boots make your legs look 2 meters long legs, Xiaobian also like to wear high-heeled boots. Rough with wear will be better and comfortable, and does not seem monotonous. Suede texture is still very significant senior, but also more wild.

nike shox Over-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots are a good hand for grooming legs, whether you are a non-straight leg, a thick calf, and a knee-high boot can well cover these shortcomings and make your legs look thin and long. And it coats with the coat, it looks very naughty! Over the knee boots, behind a small strap design, looks adorable. Even if your leg type is not straight, through the knee boots will be very good to modify your leg type. Xiaobian is X-type legs, but put on boots, it seems long and thin legs!