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What is the best fit for a skirt? Let you go back to the rate of the table nike discount store with the guide
Boys should love the summer, because the summer is the season of girls exposed legs. Especially a pair of legs coupled with a beautiful skirt, would like to have no return rate is difficult ah. Skirt is very wild compared to other skirts, the style is also wide. But the most suitable for short skirts with what shoes? Look Xiaobian recommended several short skirts with shoes of small skills, so you keep the table burst back.

NO.1 skirt + sneakers

What is the best fit for a skirt? Skirt with sports shoes is the "youth vitality Fan" classic cp, very popular with young MM welcome, many people also use it to wear out of age modeling, this kind of lively in a small sexy feel, very pure temptation! Dark skirt with light-colored sports shoes, will be more refreshing, and white as the brightest color, and sometimes can play the role of light modeling Oh! Like the figure in the high-help section of sports shoes, dynamic vitality If you are like a dark skirt with dark bridal shoes, shirt in addition to select a light single product, you can also use the level to disperse the color contrast, For example, a colored coat, looks more natural fashion Oh!

NO.2 skirt + Le Fu shoes

This year's fashion week Street beat, Le Fu shoes is hot, enough to see its fashion trends. "Lok Fu shoes" and sports shoes, like walking very comfortable, but with a skirt to be more gentle and introverted, people easily think of the city leisure time. Nude color skirt close to the skin color, skin white girls can control more advanced generous. Nude short skirt in the visual also has a very good effect of long legs, with the color of the Department of Le Fu shoes, it is easy to look good fashion! Music shoes more formal and urban style in the inside, with a short skirt in addition to leisure and Yet mature charm, regardless of shopping are very suitable for work Oh!

NO.3 short skirt + pointed high heels

Introduced two very casual and comfortable shoes, to see the United States and the United States of high heels! First look at the skirt with pointed high heels. Pointed high heels are MM are very love temperament shoes, how to take how confident! With short skirts often look mature and sexy, gestures show female charm beauty. A word skirt with the same color of the shoes, will appear more senior and generous, which is commonly used in fashion cp. And pointed shoes in the visual narrow feet spacing, so that the legs are more slender, control from the skirt to be more elegant and charming. Black and white is a very classic color-friendly combination of color, white skirt with black pointed high heel, in the visual formation of complementary, both fashionable and reduce the other side of the strong side, looks very harmonious.

NO.4 skirt + fine high-heeled sandals

Hot weather with a pair of high-heeled sandals to match the skirt, will sweep the dull, feel more relaxed nike shox clearance and free! Fine style can also be increased at the same time, straighten the girls line legs, it seems more elegant and charming, I heard a lot of "back killer" also thanks to it. Revealing the instep is the capital of the "fresh", and slender foot is also the most eye-catching woman one of the places, must be in the moment of the golden moment generous show, so charm extra points Oh! High-heeled sandals relative to other shoes Said, easy to match the clothing, for example, want to be with the skirt is more high, you can choose light-colored lace, for better control of the color of the MM, but also choose the same color with the clothes or hit the color shoes to the eye-catching Oh!

NO.5 skirt + ballet shoes

Every girl has a dance dream? Finally did not become a dancer, it is better to use a pair of ballet shoes to remember the dream of the dream once. Round your dance dream Ballet shoes on the market after improved, diverse styles, but the total can not escape the elegant atmosphere. Fit the design of the foot, plus a small round of the delicate, ballet shoes and short skirts to ride, really very temperament, said the second change of Smart girl next door.

cheap nikes NO.6 skirt + canvas shoes

What is the best fit for short skirts? Canvas shoes is absolutely called love ah, all year round can not wear, almost no can not match with the clothes. Do not want to wear too mature, or travel, go far, you can use canvas shoes to match your skirt, temperament partial leisure, small fresh. Do not say that the two years canvas of the limelight you have not felt, fashion icon has long been no canvas with pants, and skirt with the show to show your true skill! Do not say, skirt elegance and canvas shoes sports complex Very intriguing, this with the new trend are popular for a year, do not pay close attention to try!