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Wear leggings with what shoes look good with classic fashion and warm
Snow boots with leggings

Stylish warm snow boots with leggings, in the cold winter really simple. The length of the snow boots is really particularly suitable for winter, many times we wear leggings, ankle trousers will be piled together, and snow boots just to cover up this embarrassment.

Leggings with pointed high-heeled bare boots

Very small size is recommended with pointed high heel bare boots, pointed elongated legs line ratio, high lebron james shoes heels and help increase height. Is simply a small MM small motor, if you like other colors of boots to match pantyhose, we must choose what a large color matching boots color, it will not appear leg short.

Leggings with boots

Of course, boots and legs should be combined with the legs, although only exposed thighs so a section of the skin, but with the protection of pantyhose or the gap is very large! We can choose the same color with their own color leggings This, "lower body missing" is very suitable for winter wear, ultra-thin, beautiful sister paper, you can boldly try.

If the dark socks with boots, then more easily modified leg type, a small MM can choose high heels, a pair of high-heeled shoes also have a higher chance of playing, do not want to be exposed ? Siamese socks can be solved!

Small white shoes with leggings

Pantyhose and sports shoes on the CP does not seem to take, but there is a combination of stylish nike free charm. Fashionable little white shoes, can bring a handsome street style ~ You can also hide a pair of pantyhose in the pants, and then with white shoes, even the autumn pants are saved, but also create a sense of fashion ~Leggings with flat shoes

nike free 5.0 Comfortable flat shoes, I believe no girl will refuse. Black lace small shoes, whether it is daily life or work at the workplace, can be perfect digestion. In normal daily life, you can also choose a long skirt to match the long skirt with leggings, lower body again a pair of flat shoes, you are a winter's "fairy daughter!"