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The most important single product - shoes, bring it to a walk and go it
Fall to, let us put the summer sandals, cool towed up, and then wear them to feel the breath of autumn it ~

First of all, of course, with flat shoes

Flat with a single shoes is always the highest frequency of wearing shoes in autumn, it is more comfortable than high heels wear, but also more temperament than sports shoes. Also particularly good with, sweet and fresh. With the high waist checkered woolen skirt, so black silk is more retro elegance. Not afraid of cold sister who can also be with a long skirt, you can play the effect of elongated lower body Oh

Mary Jane shoes

nike shoes men Speaking of Mary Jane let people can not help but think of the fifties and fifties old movies. Season nostalgia once again turned into a popular, especially in the classic Jane Jane Jane buckle. nike shox Compared to the round head, the tip seems to be more people love. But the style and color nike air max can not affect all the fashion people on its preferences, it is the hottest this fall. A retro with a single shoes, there is no fine with the high-heel of the waver, so you more sense of security.

Classic small white shoes

Classic design, simple and casual appearance, just one, you will fall in love with it, put it on, you will fall in love with its comfort. With a variety of pants, suit jacket and other mix and match, but also very style. Should pay attention to the pants do not be too long Oh, you know The Appropriate exposed ankle, visually appear ankle more slender sprinkle.

The highlight of that must be a wide variety of boots

Short boots can make the ordinary shape become more fashionable and resistant, but also test the girl with the skill, take good, then the temperament filling, but also elongated leg lines, with sweaters and skirts sweet and lovely. For example, Chelsea air max 90 boots, it is not too much decoration, color, more wild. Long dress + high with suede ankle boots with, simple and stylish. Put on a knitted jacket, there is a deep autumn atmosphere.

Long leg knee boots

Big long legs of their favorite, but also take into account the warm fashion and light one of the fried chicken single product. Autumn and winter little fairy's show way, than to wear a pair of beautiful US knee boots took to the street. As a spring of the necessary magic for the winter, knee boots that kind of package of beauty produced a huge lethality.