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Spring and summer autumn and winter cheap nike air max of the wild shoes
Recently, many my nike factory outlet sister will ask my girls in the end what kind of basic shoes, in fact, I think this title is too big, because each person's occupation, age, style, where the city temperature and other factors, resulting in everyone on the basis Section of this concept set different, the following I recommend for you different styles of girls for their own basic models.

cheap nike basketball shoes canvas shoes

Canvas shoes in my mind is a very wild casual shoes, white shirt, jeans with canvas shoes give a fresh and simple feeling. Canvas shoes are also a lot of star street pay. But also a lot of couples first choice of cheap couples models.

sports shoes

Sports shoes is absolutely set comfortable and warm as a shoe, sports shoes believe that everyone has so few pairs of sports shoes with the way is also very much, and for this aspect of the basic models, personally think that the simple and more comfortable to Black and white as the main color, easier to match. Individuals recently very furious fire coconut shoes, but the price is too high, can only wish to wear. Personally feel that everyone can prepare a pair of small white shoes, with a good clothes really want to wear what shoes, then it will not go wrong.


The total class of boots is very, very much, really let the knee boots and a fire, knee boots warm, long legs, really every beauty girls should have a pair of such a fashion single product. In addition to knee boots, there are a lot of very popular small boots, monochrome base models, and no lack of fashion sense. Really want to say that long boots really nice, but my legs like my legs really do not fit, here suggest that like me, if the legs thick or legs bent baby choose not tight boots or direct selection of rough with Boots, after all, is the best for their own. Speaking of boots really can not mention the necessary winter bread shoes, warm and good yet yet lovely. Here to see the boots with, you can refer to Oh.

Shallow mouth shoes

Summer is indispensable should be ice cream and shallow mouth shoes, many girls love shallow shoes, but we are here to say that the basic models of shoes, for shallow mouth high heels, personally think that the basic need for a pair of black, white, red, nude color monochrome No accessories, no basic band. And flat and shallow shoes do not recommend feet too large girls to wear, will make the feet look bigger.

Loose shoes

Many girls wear high heels to increase, but many high heels do not wear comfortable, so the emergence of loose shoes, comfortable increase artifacts. Have to say that the recent fans of the Puma Matsushita shoes, too much color pick up the eye there is no.

flip flop

Said so many basic models of shoes, the original I love you, with the go with the go, who said slippers can only wear at home, do not believe you see them.

In fact, there are many, many, many styles are not recommended for everyone, after all, a woman's wardrobe is always missing a piece of clothing, shoe is always missing a pair of shoes.