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Some boots but significant fat short legs? Choosing and matching is important
A popular with the United States housewives in a single product, because of its version of the model can hold tight belly, a modified leg type, is also more and more popular in the fashion industry. The model star also does not love it. Such a pair of jeans are almost up to any coat up, the shoes are also wearing a pair of very match. Here with wild momjeans and narrow version of short boots cheap nike running shoes together, was significantly thin immediate. Short stature of the stars can also tie the hair into a ball head, but also to a high point.

Jumping big red shut narrow boots such a single product, the calf rough girl choose carefully because of its highly pick the leg line. It is precisely because of the critical lines of the legs, mini skirt and it is very popular. A simple white T-shirt and gray suit such a low-key color matching can be good to bring these pairs of eye-catching boots.

And just almost the same version of boots, rose red velvet texture even more pick. Here with a short skirt before and after to match it, more to show the distinctive temperament, where the color follows a low-key lined with the program so that the tightening of the legs of the boots more prominent slender lines.

This skateboarding boots, the first half is a soft leather, the latter part is elastic fabric can nike factory store adjust the tightness. You can better hold the leg, you can let the legs are not so thin girl wear it effortlessly. Long front and back short design can make the front face looks straight and long legs straight, knee joint activities in the back will not be friction to the skin. With the beautiful waist leather jacket and jumpsuit skirt. Slim effect is also a lever.

The brown suede stitched narrow-necked lace boots, because lace can adjust the tightness, easy to wear off, free casual nike air max girls like this style. And such color boots are also particularly suitable for retro mix and match style. Pantyhose used black and white diamond grid pattern, with a mediocre hard to control it. Girl clever use of black and white wave point skirts and Lei Lei front hat to match, not only did not dazzle the feeling, but the overall strong, clear style.

nike shop We all know that black is thin, a black and tight-fitting dress is not really thin are hard to find. Black suede boots also added a high-heeled elements, not only the legs of the high pull, there is an elegant and charming temperament. Too boring too boring, jeans also chose the middle of the mill white style, take a white shirt to reveal the hem, seemingly random but can see it with a serious match.

The same black, the same narrow version of knee boots, but take a completely different style. The breakdown of the body but also only used five sample items, turtleneck sweater, black and blue embroidered denim jacket, student shorts, knee boots and a large black woolen cloak. The five uniform tone single-product layers stacked together, with some thickness, but exposed part of the legs more slender.