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Small white dress so fire, with what shoes look good?
Said the little black dress is classic, then I think the little white dress is essential to the goddess, and summer I really love to wear white ah.

In fact, small white dress recently written, this is not going to mention more, but the last time there are many baby tips to ask how to match the white dress, this summer for such a high frequency nike free run of wearing a single product, I think Still it is necessary for the baby to answer this question. Then today is not much nonsense, straight into the theme slightly.

High heel can take the bottom

Small white shoes, whether single high heels, flat shoes or sports shoes do not matter, because you can take, mainly to see how you want to build style.

Such as with high heels, whether it is fine or rough with, because the dress upright, are relatively elegant and some temperament.

And with flat shoes, whether it is sports shoes or other leather shoes, are relatively more casual, relatively with sports shoes and girls more students. And with the boots, it is cool little fairy, but here to say, the skirt with the boots, the legs should pay attention to the appropriate dew, some people like to hide the boots in the dress, not only easy to show short legs It is also easier to be bulky.

What is the color of the shoes? Compared to new nike shoes what style shoes, summer wear white skirt, in fact, more important is what color shoes.


White skirt + white shoes, the color of both the visual sense will not appear unexpected. Although the whole one but will not make people feel bored, but people feel very fresh, because the white skirt itself is fresh and fairy, not monotonous. A white is very cool, so it is also suitable to add a straw hat Oh ~ ~

Nude color

Nude color shoes are very suitable for calf thick baby, nude color will not highlight your leg lines. And nude color of the shoes will be virtually stretched in your legs, this color is also significant and mature.


Black and white with a safe color, never wrong, two omnipotent neutral color with, feel simple and pure and elegant. Even the black casual flat shoes, will appear to be stable. Black boots with retro style skirt is already a rush to the music festival equipment.

nike outlet store Earth color

Brown camel this kind of earth color is actually safe color, with the white with a very casual.

Bright color

Said white is a universal ride, but in fact the white skirt shoes will have a minefield. Try to avoid this bright light, because the white skirt is very refreshing, this color and white skirt ride together makes people feel very tired. A white time, bright color can take, but with a relatively low saturation of some of the bright colors will be more suitable for ~

Metal color

We say with bright colors to eye-catching, in fact, metal color is nike outlet very good, small area of ??metal color is the crowning touch, and white ride is absolutely OK. Silver color shock feeling is not so strong, but also definitely make your white more eye-catching. How about, with a small white dress, learn it?