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Really can wear chopsticks legs only it! Thick leg gospel ah
Speaking was thin, we must think of black was thin, and now the sister paper to wear pants are to be significantly high, high waist pants and pants wide leg pants is undoubtedly recognized as a single product, but I heard a recent pants Hot to catch up with wide leg pants, and that is the "pipe pants."

Pipe pants that can "perfect fit the buttocks", in the thigh and keep loose space, thighs and other imperfect defects are naturally concealed, and then gradually tightened to the calf, make legs look slender, Waist design more perfect division of the proportion of body.

 T shirt + pipe pants + pointed shoes

Simple solid color T-shirt with black pipe pants, wear super super thin, and the more simple the more able to wear clothing taste.

Slim straight pipe pants can be any match with the clothes, nine pants look approachable, with a pair of comfortable flat shoes, giving a quiet holiday mood. The whole pants to simple fashion as the keynote, do not pick the age, do not pick the body, everyone can control, elongated leg lines even higher.

Classic simple fresh T-shirt, simple nike trainers small round neck, effectively modified face, while more solid and beautiful effect, the chest with the trend of the letter printing design, design inspiration for the same strain, like cruising in the whisper of the word between the lines, for you By the letter of the fashion world, very young age of a college wind T-shirt, upper body very Han Fan Oh, highlight the youthful atmosphere, casual casual, there is no sense of restraint, the street appearance rate is very high Oh!

nike trainers  sweater + pipe pants + thick shoes

White self-cultivation sweater so that you have a good body curve filling, with a high waist of the pipe pants, the visual proportions set off more elegant.

Simple and pure solid feet nine lebron 14 pants, so that the whole person up spirit, soft texture, suitable for spring and summer wear, waist design, let you move freely. Simple design, but without losing the big beauty, leisure and comfort can be with a noble temperament of the United States.

Simple and reduced age short-sleeved T-shirt, spring and summer is indispensable basic models, small loose profile profile, simple shallow mouth round neck, showing a beautiful clavicle particularly sexy charming, made of simple short-sleeved, The taste of vitality.

Plus a pair of white thick bottom, nike shox highlight the avant-garde, but also allows you to increase the height of it!

As a fashionable wild shoes is capricious! Casually with a small fresh dress and shorts can wear a different trend of the range of children, the trend of fashion you, how can it not accompany it? Whether it is shopping or dating, can make you confident full of travel, but also very high it! Tobacco pants simple lines and neat cut, how can not match with the wrong! You do not hurry for your summer clothes! The