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Looked at her feet, I understand why she is so beautiful
In fact, this world is not born goddess, know how to dress ordinary girls can also instantaneous surface goddess. In the traditional impression of many women inside, the shoes seem to wear comfortable as long as the line, anyway, shoes from the double face so far, others will not pay attention to get. but do you know?

cheap nikes Those popular actresses and fashion people are aware of through the shoes to highlight their own elegant temperament. Shoes fashion, from the become different. How to create a classic nature has become a goddess need to solve the top priority. Needless to say, the following recommended several shoes, whether it is material or appearance, have done very well in place. Is definitely a pair of big quality shoes, even the goddess love the shoes, you really can not miss the oh

Sexy leopard sandals, how can you miss? Soft and comfortable sheepskin insole, wearing a day will not feel hot. The upper of the horse leopard pattern, let you wear clothing fashion queen strong gas field, very eye-catching. Sexy hollow and one word strap design, it is so that you will be sexy interpretation of the most vividly.

Material soft and comfortable flat loose cake shoes, so you wear clothing elegant and calm posture. Touch the delicate smooth insole and vamp fabric, coupled with sexy toe design, so that your feet can nike factory store enjoy breathing. Adjustable metal buckle design, but also played the role of finishing touch, stylish and beautiful at the same time so that wear off become more convenient.

Calm and not exaggerated a pair of flat out wearing slippers, highlighting the attitude of life taste. Fresh and dazzling sense of material, to lead the vitality of the style. The upper shiny material side buckle stitching made, so the visual is very eye-catching, giving a bright feeling. Just the rough with the design, but also let you wear a day will not tired feet.

Stylish and wild pair of rough with the word drag sandals, 3 cm waterproof platform design, so that wearing more smooth and comfortable, but also to avoid delicate feet contaminated with the embarrassment of the sludge. Sexy fish mouth to reveal the toes interpretation of a different sexy atmosphere.

Rome wind full of a pair of thick with square head sandals, super delicate soft calfskin, feel comfortable and very durable. Imported sheep skin inside, full of sensual wear all day will not tired feet. Steady rough with you every step of walking are more smooth and confident, highlight the modern city woman's capable.

Sparkling crystal embellished high heels, so you can go wherever you can become the focus. Delicate touch of the upper material, so that your feet are always nike free in the delicate silky touch among. Sparkling rhinestones embellished vamps, so you walk up more flashing charming.