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Knee boots with nike outlet online a full set of uppercase bold men kill
These days the cold temperature is almost all the way to open the hang cold we shiver, nike free 5.0 simple white shoes can not meet the needs of this weather, so I have been looking for a match with what shoes more warm and temperament, if the legs are not thick The sister paper on the choice of knee boots it, to help you open the fashion.

Knee boots sexy charm is a fashion item in recent years, compared to the boots, the emergence of boots seem to be more attractive to their sister paper eyes, boots relatively popular, and boots will want to pick a little more, but because Her charm, out of reach, but it does not matter, as long as the match, and you can also wear high-force grid, with small skirt was leggy, plus the same coat can hold hold.

Knee-type sister paper sister choose a good fit will be more appropriate, like walking in the forefront of the big coffee are in simulation, small high-heeled design exudes a charming feminine, with a short skirt + short paragraph plush jacket , More ladylike-like temperament, I believe in the knee-high boots will attract more nike factory store fashion-style sister paper.

However, I suggest that the main choice of knee boots in black, after all, was thin and very good with black, the legs will visually appear thin legs, so the classic black is very OK, with a plaid dress will not think Mediocre, but a little more than the charm of the College of light and light, with the high free choice, fine will be a little more mature, rough with the girl instead more Oh.

In such a cold winter, there are many sister paper will choose to wear boots outside the jeans, this mix is not unexpected, it touches the slightest element of fashion, so your legs show a more perfect, jail Resist the winter cold, and will not look outdated, but also full of retro atmosphere, full of modern fashion sense.

nike shox clearance Small rough design, to better reflect the charm of wearing, to create a casual fashion, with a trace of retro jeans bring charm, with plush coat to join, bring out the figure of the golden ratio, so that your A graceful appearance, if you do not like plush short jacket, coat woolen jacket is quite good.

In recent years, very hot caramel color and black boots with, so fashionable and feminine just right connected, not too mature, as will be more obvious temperament, whether it is ordinary shopping or daily work, so With the effect will bring a very attractive fashion, visually also reached the modified leg type role.