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Jeans with shoes guide
Classic jeans do not have a few small series is not believe, because jeans can wear all year round, and never out of date. But a lot of mushroom cool wearing jeans gives the impression that it is very common, as fashion people wear as fashionable, in fact, with the shoes with jeans is very important, then what kind of shoes with jeans look good?

Stitching jeans + small flat big horn + high heels

Retro style bell pants coupled with sexy high-heeled shoes, women can instantly pull the proportion of the line, far from looking, really 1 m 8 long legs ah!

Stitching jeans + small flat bottom

new nike shoes I may say that cowboy with high heel, a lot of sister will say that he never wear high heel (Xiaobian think the woman or the wear of Kazakhstan), it is not no save it? The answer is definitely no way, if the control Not high-heeled, and do not want to lose the lebron 13 characteristics of the words, you can choose some stitching jeans, jeans to reduce the tedious, looks full of personality.

Nine points jeans + Mu Le shoes

Nine straight jeans with a pedal on the Mueller shoes, immediately changed a style, simple temperament, and walking up tired feet, jeans lovers like this match.

If you think the rules of the nike outlet bell-shaped pants do not have any features, then like this kind of a little edge of the burr can try, nine minutes of the length of the ankle can reveal the most thin parts, it is thin enough it is enough The

This year if you have not opened a pants pants, really embarrassed to say that you understand the fashion. All say pants open a fork, fashionable a whole summer, so that like this little sexy forklips must have it!

Do not tell you that the first phase is that little embroidery, a few years a lot of big out of a lot cheap nike basketball shoes of embroidery is a single product, I feel very fine, even if it is a small place, but it can be decorated with the whole pants The