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Jeans and shoes mix and match way, piercing a different nike outlet online landscape
Look1: black nike shoes jeans + Carrefour shoes

As we all know, Love shoes is our lazy shoes, I believe our little fairy is also very easy to wear. Compared to the small white shoes filled the streets, our Carrefour shoes belong to the kind of walking in the forefront of fashion, with this body, our fairy is not that it is very bright? Leopard coat and white jeans, wear a pair of casual Carrefour shoes, a play becomes the focus. Little fairy should be very pink like it, and this body looks very fresh and natural, there is no greasy kind of greasy feeling.

Look2: Jeans + Chelsea boots

How can our little fairy leave boots in winter? Compared to the feminine knee boots, bloated snow boots, the charm of our Chelsea boots but more attractive. Although quite neutral Chelsea cool wind boots, but with black jeans, very thin. Afraid to wear too bloated little fairy, you can try this wear method. Our little fairy if you like to close to earth color brown Chelsea boots, then with blue jeans, the overall level is very clear.

nike air max sale Look3: jeans + thick boots

And winter to highlight the femininity, not only knee-high boots can be done, the charm of our rough with boots is equally irresistible. Plaid coat in this year is the most popular fashion elements, and with jeans and rough with nike shox boots, it looks very complement each other, the high value of the encounter high value, what fun story will happen?

Look4: jeans + pointed shoes

Our little fairy should know that wearing pointed shoes is very thin, will be legible in certain visual, when the pointed shoes with jeans, give the fairy little temperament added a touch of indifference and ease.

Look5: jeans + Martin boots

When our little fairies want to be more handsome, Martin boots and jeans is your best choice, whether it is black jeans or blue jeans, can wear a different visual effects. Tops can choose camel lamb jacket, warm and stylish.