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How does the green shoes match? This can not look good with it?
nike air max women On the choice of green shoes, for daily wear, the low saturation of the olive green low heels more suitable; and for the movement of wind wear, yellow green or bright green sports shoes more dynamic; to participate in the party can choose those Grass green, high saturation of the bright green high heels, will make you out of color.

One, green shoes + pants

Can start from the most simple nike store match: bright green high heels with holes in jeans and white T-shirt or shirt, if you want a little lady, lace shirt is also good. Green flat shoes + black tights + gray shirt, body neutral color, so that green shoes become the history of the embellishment.

More bold girl can try the body with the green line, giving a fresh feeling from the pavement, of course, to distinguish in the depth of color, so that will be more layered. Yellow-green more refreshing, nike clearance people think of the taste of lemon. With yellow-green high heels and sweaters echoes, looks particularly eye-catching.

Two green shoes + skirt or dress

Want ladies and beautiful, and ultimately skirt. Whether it is dress and skirt, and green shoes can be a good match. Such as the popular in recent years, "dress + sports shoes" combination, green shoes and small black dress can be perfectly qualified.

Want to wear more lively to the west, you can try with the printing, but the printing is as simple as not fancy, such as black and white plaid shirt and printed package hip skirt, purple belt because the proportion is very small, and green will not produce a sense of abrupt, Icing on the cake.

Yellow and green in the chromatogram is adjacent to the color, so meet the dress with the adjacent color method. Yellow-green small floral skirt with green high heels, as if in the summer lush nature.