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Dress with shoes 3 kinds of methods, especially the third, good pretty!
nike shox clearance Xiaobian out today sunny, in regret not wiping a thick layer of sunscreen at the same time finally realized that finally put the cool dress! But the dress is not easy to wear, so today Xiaobian will come to the little fairy who recommend your goddess wardrobe must have that one dress!

With a method, dress + sandals

Dress and sandals are summer standard, so these two is a matter of course with the summer out of the equipment. But this should also pay attention to nike factory outlet go out with the mix, after all, accidentally may still look very embarrassing.

Five sleeves cotton and linen dress

Any person who can feel the feeling of such a large size dress. Coupled with a small collar and large skirt design, the formation of a visual conflict, there is a very special feeling. Printing also reveals a youthful atmosphere, put on very cute.

Students with tassel shoes

Simple design but also with the feeling of fashion, flat shoes also reduce the burden of walking. Suitable for a variety of occasions such as walking shopping, vacation travel, sweet dating and so on. Followed by all-inclusive design also increased comfort.

With the method two, dress + sports shoes

Recently set off a wave in the dress under the trend of wearing shoes, and a long time without retreat. Dress has a sense of cool summer, sports shoes have a sports wind, two styles intertwined, but also do not have a flavor.

Temperament in the long skirt

This dress has a waist design, very significant body, looks long legs and waist thin, send lebron 14 you want the perfect ratio. Printing with a floral element, is never the existence of gas, and a small fresh breath blowing.

Student sports small white shoes

Small white shoes is fashionable single product, feeling everyone on the street are still wearing, but still not bad street presence. And this white as the theme, in the rear heel has a different color to do embellishment, will not be overwhelming but people shines.

With three methods, dress + shoes

Shoes look very skillful, with a dress on the OL style, very special. Pick a pair of suitable small shoes in the summer is not only comfortable and comes with a cool feeling.

Dress + shoes

This dress has a lot of different, feel very special, a sense of design. Sleeveless design, very cool, comfortable and breathable, suitable for all kinds of occasions will not feel awkward wear, which is particularly suitable for vacation.

Carrefour shoes

Pointed leather shoes elongated the visual height of the people, very high, and obviously thin The design is relatively simple and smooth, there is a sense of professional ability, low with a long time to walk will not be tired, and more breathable, summer will not feel hot. Xiao Bian cheap nike air max that little fairy's wardrobe how can even less dress it? Is to a new look to meet the new season, and how can the summer beauty of the United States and the United States dress? Clean and put on dress incarnation summer goddess!