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Down jacket with what shoes, in order to make you significant height thin
The day is essential is the down jacket, short paragraph is undoubtedly the most down feather choice, how to choose short paragraph how to choose shoes with shoes to achieve the best effect? Can be significantly high and thin, but does not make people feel bloated.

To this end, specially prepared several different programs First of all, pink feather down with snow shoes, the two are not only look good match with nice, but also look young, snow shoes look special cheap nikes warmth, the shirt suddenly bloated low, warm And demeanor both at the same time.

nike free run Down with fluffy plush shoes is black nike shoes also a very good choice, large plush feather, visibly removed the bloated sense, let the feeling appear thin, instantly increase sense of sense, and the overall shape looks very young , The tone of the whole person is very gregarious and bright.

If the usual amount of exercise is more adequate, you can choose small white shoes, with a simple style of small white shoes can, try to avoid the cumbersome feeling, personality hearty feeling, with a black feather is better, mysterious and tall immediately effective, regardless of Look at the distance seems beauty of the United States, there is a saying out of a different woman's handsome sense.

With short boots, but also a very wise choice, but the best choice of bread short paragraph down, so that looks like the whole three-dimensional enough, try to avoid a single color in the color, because the whole will be more elegant and require some patterns to support the apparent Dazzling, of course, with some heels, boots better, a sense of elevation immediately, the whole person full of temperament.

Simple with a reasonable dress, tall and thin is so full, without the pursuit of deliberately fancy, with a little ordinary beauty is the most beautiful beauty.