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Do you know how to match your clothes and shoes?
1, fish head shoes

The easiest way to match is to remember that exposed toes must be fitted with bare legs, so any miniskirt or skirt will be a good match. If wearing a stilettos is not very comfortable, then choose a thick fish head shoes, this can be used with casual wear. Trying to all black nike shoes find all styles of tights or leggings and tops with fish-head shoes, you will find different effects!

2, ladies platform shoes

Water platform shoes, also known as soft dance shoes, ladies wear particularly sexy chic, which means that the platform shoes show the fashion and charm will always be well matched with any clothing, a variety of styles like trousers, pencil Pants, and formal apparel, etc., as a fashionista you should know more styles. If in the winter, with windbreaker, jacket and skinny jeans, it seems to be a higher level!

3, high heels

Is there any difference nike shoes men between different platform shoes and high heels? This I am not sure, all the platform shoes and high heels are suitable for formal occasions, parties, or casual wear, but long-term wear high heels will have some side effects on the health of the foot or leg some damage!

4, small with high heels

If you are a fashionista, and very like high heels, afraid of long-term high heels on the body hurt, slender high heels hate and love, then! Short heel high heels is your best choice, both the heel, not very slender, wearing comfort will increase a lot, this choice is more suitable for you at work, wearing in the office, that is, you look stylish and elegant , But also cheap nikes comfortable fit, why not?

5, ladies boots

First, when do you think about the boots in your shoe? Of course it is winter! But the ladies' boots are not just fall fashion, they also add to your charm in the fall, boots of various styles, with a leather jacket and jeans, or short dresses, long skirts, shawls, skinny jeans, etc. Your choice is N variety.

6, straps sandals

Essential fashion accessories for every fashionista shoe, this strap sandals are flat, suitable for summer wear, that is, cool and stylish, you can match the perfect skirt or shorts, but also with knee-length dress, if You have thicker legs, I suggest you do not choose this kind of shoes.

7, ballet shoes

cheap nike air max Ballet shoes and casual shoes blessing, do not need to introduce, this shoe and any dress with the failure, personally think that ballet shoes only suitable for the stage, or home wear, because of its good comfort!