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Autumn wear dress, with what shoes?
Even into the fall, many beautiful little fairy do not want to change the United States and the United States dress, then long sleeves dress is the choice of small fairies fall. Then the autumn dress with what shoes look good? The same, we are still going to steal the way with the fashion of the fine with the bar!

Autumn dress with slippers:

Slippers, although the summer is the most comfortable, but to the fall of the little fairies are not anxious to close up ~ nike shoes on sale now the temperature is not very low time, easy to relax slippers can still be a small fairy's choice. Take a slippers with long sleeves dress skirt also has a Bohemian wind holiday feeling it

Autumn dress with sandals:

Autumn wear skirts than the summer to wear long skirts more temperament, but the share of elegant and retro tone is still retained, did not fade. In recent years are popular mopping, such as dragging pants, long skirts do not drag the ground are embarrassed to say that the fashion, so fashionable coffee fashion will be put on flat sandals with a long skirt. Do not let them let the skirt nike shox clearance sweep, although it is easy to dirty, but it is a natural exudes with the free and easy romantic atmosphere.

Autumn dress with ballet shoes:

In recent years, tie ballet shoes is also a fire, widely favored by the small fairies, people kind of in the day you are also a dancing little swan. With a pair of ballet shoes to match the dress, but also a very good choice ~ mix and match style than the usual solid ride more easy to attract the eye, fashion sense did not fall points.

Autumn dress with boots:

Autumn and winter the most common shoes, than those who are really wear and fashion brands will push the boots. If an elegant dress makes you full cheap nike basketball shoes of romantic feminine, then put on a pair of black boots, instantly give you the overall shape into the handsome taste, fashion sense is full of.

Autumn dress with high heels:

Will be high heels that is the best match with the skirt is not an exaggeration, after all, high heels can be full of girls, feminine, sexy, handsome style, and so different styles.

nike shox clearance Then for the relatively small pet fairy who, with a high-heeled skirt with the most appropriate. Elongated the proportion of your lower body at the same time, you will be playing into a tall goddess. Height is not enough, dress to scrape together ~ right?